Oprah Winfrey: Is She Using the Program in my Book for Weight Watchers?

Posted February 5, 2016 by Stephanie Relfe in news

Oprah Winfrey:

Is She Using “You’re not Fat, You’re Toxic”, as the Blueprint for her Weight Watchers Program?


What a ‘coincidence’.  I had a very vivid dream of speaking happily with Oprah about my book You’re not fat, You’re toxic, the night before she announced to the world that she has purchased 10% of Weight Watchers stock, is on the board of directors, and has started a new ‘program’. My book is a program; it’s not a diet book, it’s a massively detailed and complete lifestyle program for getting thin and healthy. The information in it is what people need to not lose weight, keep it off and get healthier at the same time.

When we published You’re not fat You’re toxic, I sent 3 copies to Oprah Winfrey, one for her, two for her staff, figuring out that Oprah gets hundreds of books sent to her that she never looks out, but if I sent some to her staff, eventually someone would read it and then get great results and word would spread around the office, so she would eventually get to hear about the book; it is so very different from all other diet and weight loss books.

I tracked the package and it arrived at her office early October 2013. I figured it would take a while before staff members would get results and the book would come to her attention.

Two years later on October 18, 2015, I had the very vivid dream I mentioned earlier; Oprah and I spoke together and she was very happy with me! So I woke up feeling very happy and excited, thinking that maybe the book finally got through to her.

I don’t normally dream of celebrities. I have never dreamed of her before. I didn’t even watch her show more than a few times.

Imagine my shock to get on the internet and learn that the day after the night of my dream, on October 19, 2015, Oprah Winfrey announced she had a 10% stake in Weight Watchers, and a seat on the board. This caused massive changes on the stock market.







Most interestingly, Oprah announced she had begun a ‘program’ to lose weight. What?! You’re not fat, You’re toxic is a program! The first like it! It’s unique. There are 55 chapters and one of them explains why dieting doesn’t work – only a full lifestyle program will!

Chapter by chapter, I detail how and why to get your body and health back under control. Fifty natural health books are summarized, and the gems of wisdom are distilled down into easy-to-read pages.

In addition, all kinds of natural health information and the latest research in science is added, plus a complete shopping list of what to buy to make working out what to do relatively easy.

This book is like no other. It’s 600 easy-to-read pages – you can’t summarize that as a simple diet (which don’t work anyway). I knew that, like the many case histories in the book, this book would get Oprah thin, and this time keep her thing, if she would just read it.

While I’m sad about this, I can’t really blame Oprah for not mentioning my name, after the hell she went through when the beef industry sued her for saying she was not going to eat beef, after the mad cow disease scare. My websites are too controversial, and the book is very, very political and punchy. It explains why you won’t hear the information in this book from your doctor or the mainstream media, because that would affect the trillions of dollars of income that the Medical Mafia, the Food Mafia and the Diet Mafia get by feeding you toxins and keeping you in the dark.

The government also supports this cover up because the lobbyists control them for the big corporations, and the government wants you to die early so they don’t have to pay out any more social security.

If Oprah is using my book, I am glad that some people will benefit from some of this information, but I will be sad that they will not get the whole program,  because I bet she will never tell people about the information in the book that really gets them healthier. $2 trillion+ that the Medical Mafia receives each year, depends on you not knowing that. And while I can’t blame Oprah, I can’t but help feel sorry that if she is using my program to get herself richer (isn’t $1 billion enough?), I will never get a mention. I don’t believe in coincidences.

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