You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic. Your permanent weight loss program.

You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic.

Your permanent weight loss program.


“You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic”

Your Permanent Weight Loss Program

Revolutionary New Book by

Stephanie Relfe

Fat is Not about Calories. It’s about Toxins.

Obesity is not a disease. It’s a business plan.

You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic is an explosive expose in the fight against the worldwide obesity epidemic.

Mega-corporation presidents and government infiltrators worked together to plan your weight gain. It is not an accident that you are overweight.

There is no money in dead people. And no money in healthy people. They want you somewhere in the middle.



The government subsidizes toxic and addicting foods. Then the food mafia processes those foods into junk food that makes you fat and sick. Then the medical mafia sells you drugs so that you won’t know how sick you are, and they receive $2.2 Trillion.

Then the $60 Billion dollar per year diet mafia tells you it’s your fault for not “counting calories”.

You have been taught what to eat, what to drink and how to think for over 50 years. You have been brainwashed into being a slave of the corporations by the schools, books, magazines and television shows. It’s a horrible, vicious project that was planned to make you sick and overweight. These corporations are killing you. You never had a chance.

Now you do!

Internationally known Kinesiologist and health expert Stephanie Relfe has created a veritable University course on fat loss.

You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic explodes the calorie counting myth and shows you exactly how weight reduction is about eliminating toxins, not about counting calories. This 650 page, hands on course makes YOU the expert and will help you get your ideal body. There are no additional courses or special products to buy.

This detailed book has the exact information you need for your ideal body. It’s written in a very easy-to-understand style, so that anyone can benefit from this powerful program. Scientific explanations are put into the simplest possible terms so that anyone can easily understand what they need to know.

* Learn 14 ways that show why it is toxins in the food we eat, rather than calories, that are making us fat.

* Instead of presenting just one field of research, Stephanie Relfe has summarized the most important information from multiple sources, including 43 well-referenced books & documentaries. This information alone is worth over $750 by itself. Plus think of the amount of time this saves you.

* Includes additional information from modern scientific research, magazine articles and unique sources, which are combined together in one very do-able weight loss program.

* Learn many fat loss secrets that you won’t find in any standard weight-loss plan.

* Improve your health & save your life. For example, the index has 41 entries for cancer, 32 entries for diabetes, 16 entries for heart disease & 9 entries for arthritis.

* Many case histories to inspire you.

* Learn how many weight loss foods that we are told will make us thin, are in fact causing obesity.

* Extensive shopping list to make this program easy.

* 45 recipes to make it easy to get going on your new lifestyle.

* Containing revolutionary and unique ways of belly fat loss and getting slim, some of which have nothing to do with food or exercise.

Fight the food mafia. Fight the drug mafia. And don’t be a defrauded by the $60 Billion dollar a year “diet” mafia. Stephanie Relfe shows you many powerful reasons, backed up by scientific research, to give you the power to improve your life, and get the body you deserve, without counting carbohydrates and without being hungry. With this book, you finally have the chance to learn and understand how you have been victimized by the Food Mafia and how you can fight back. Everything you need is here. You will never need to buy another weight loss product, because you will know more than those companies do! If you or a loved one is a victim of obesity, get angry, get determined and get You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic. Available at and book retailers everywhere.


About the Author: Stephanie Relfe was born in Sydney Australia. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Sydney University, majoring in zoology and histology (the study of cells). She has been a professional kinesiologist since 1993 and is the author of dozens of articles, two books & the DVD training series Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing.( &

She is also the webmaster of Health, Wealth & Happiness at, a website established in 1998 which provides valuable natural health, mind, spirit, financial and other information unifying the whole, rather than educating a part of the whole.

5-Star Reviews at for You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic include:



Remove the toxins and the fat comes off. Case closed!

By Saxony Hillon 

Format: Paperback

Until you understand the true cost of the items you put into and onto your body, you are vulnerable. The opening salvo says it all, “Obesity is not an accident, it’s a business plan.” I found reams of new insights into spices, coffee, apple cider vinegar, chocolate, medical marijuana, meat, sleep as well as superb commentary on the latest anti-aging, disease demographics and superfoods research. This book is a keeper!

PS. I got my copy free as part of Relfe’s “Perfect Health with Kinesiology & Muscle Testing” course, which I also highly recommend. (



I was toxic. not fat.

By Dempsey Wilson

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

This book has educated more on how to eat for my success. I am very happy I purchased it. This is a ‘need to know’ for everyone.



I will continue to keep this and recommend this book to my fellow dancers

By Expert Beauty Consultant

Format: Paperback

I purchased this book about two years ago and have seen some results when sticking to the suggested diets/regimens etc. in this book. As an athlete, and artist (professional ballet dancer) I have had trouble maintaining an appealing weight without taking away from my overall strength versus flexibility, and my body’s ability to “keep up”. I am an avid fan of natural, preventative medicine, and can appreciate and recognize some of the topics of discussion I have come across while reading this.

I will continue to keep this and recommend this book to my fellow dancers. 😉



This is an awesome book which deserves to be on best seller list …

By A W.

Format: Hardcover

This is an awesome book which deserves to be on best seller list as it contains both weight loss and health information not found together in any other single book. It would take you 20 years to track down all this information. Worth every cent.

Will truly open your eyes and change your life. Highly recommended.



Fatigue and severe body stiffness made me feel like I couldn’t get out of the chair and walk …

By Karl Stewart

Format: Paperback

In August of 2013, I had a health crisis. The constant hunger, fatigue and severe body stiffness made me feel like I couldn’t get out of the chair and walk across the room. The scary part was that no matter how little I ate, I kept gaining weight. My blood pressure was getting higher, blood lipids were off the chart, triglycerides over 550. The doctor was telling me I had pre-diabetes, whatever that is, and I could not pinch the skin over the deltoid muscle on my upper arm. I could not see my collar bones. My abdomen and my ankles were swollen. Even my fingers were like swollen sausages.

People would say I was obese but I now know that it wasn’t fat but edema from a swollen lymphatic system caused by the toxic foods I was eating. I was eating nothing more than the standard American diet, really, just meat, potatoes, a vegetable and bread and butter. It was nothing fancy or in large quantities. That was when the chest pains started and I knew. My life was over. My whole body felt like it was seizing up, muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, heart. These are just words unless it is happening to you.

As the chest pains grew greater and more frequent, I resigned myself to the fact that maybe today I would have the standard American heart attack at the age of sixty three and a half. Instead of grabbing that first Social Security check, I would grab my chest or my left arm and fall over dead on the ground. No one would think anything was amiss. Wasn’t I old and fat with high blood pressure, high triglycerides and pre-diabetic?

By God’s grace, a few days later, I saw a little headline on the internet saying, “Scientists declare they have fixed the gluten in wheat as shown in a 1960 film strip by the USDA”. And then I knew. They must have genetically modified the wheat somehow. I stopped eating all wheat products. I saw results in a few days. The food cravings stopped. The weight began to drop. Energy levels began to increase.

This was when I saw, “You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic,” advertized and I bought it. The one burning question in my mind was, “What other foods am I eating that are killing me?” This is where Stephanie Relfe’s life time of caring for the health of the human body and her years of nutritional research combined to deliver an outstanding 600+ page reference book to answer that very question.

For instance, in the section of the book dealing with wheat, I learned that in 1943 a John D. Rockefeller led foundation paid scientist to genetically modify the old einkorn wheat, which had only 14 chromosomes, to today’s wheat which has a whopping 28 chromosomes. This created a total of 23,000 proteins, any one of these proteins could cause an allergic reaction and that is why my lymphatic system was so inflamed and swollen.

In “You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic, ” the author not only tells you what foods to avoid but also what to eat, how to shop for it and how to prepare it. It’s all there in an easy to read, almost spellbinding, format. Wanting to live, I started eating the diet Stephanie Relfe recommended. You know, mostly raw vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, fruit and the like and five months later I was twenty five pounds lighter without doing ANY exercise. And yes, I know I should exercise but I could hardly walk.

After another five months, I had lost another five pounds. I had gone from a runaway 202lbs to 172lbs.

People would look at me an say, ” You’ve lost weight” and I would smile thinking I almost lost my life.

I couldn’t make this up. If it didn’t happen to me I wouldn’t know about any of this or believe anyone who said that it happened to them. Now all I know is, before, I was so terribly depressed and dead on my feet I could not do anything but drag myself to work and back to my bed, but now I have my life back due in large part to Stephanie’s book.

All the “obesity,” high blood pressure, high triglycerides and pre-diabetes melted away along with the body stiffness and chest pains. I don’t know.

Maybe you are caught in the standard American diet and are near to the standard American death by heart attack, stroke or diabetes. Maybe you should avoid that. Buy “You’re Not Fat, You’re Toxic, by Stephanie Relfe. Read it. Do it and live.

After I read the book, in a few days, I bought four more. It’s cheaper than buying one at a time. I gave one to my son and one to my daughter. She lent it to her friend, so I gave her another one. Then I gave one to a sick friend and kept mine so I could reread it. I didn’t want my family and friends to ever ever be as sick as I was.

These are the true words of a man who should already be dead because of the toxic foods he was eating. Please! I beg you! Find out how to eat healthy so that you can be healthy. Stop and consider. How much is the cost of one trip to the doctor compared to the price of this book?

Well, he who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Reverend Karl Stewart Retired 🙂



Five Stars

By Old I.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

You gotta read this.



Good book

By Jose Luiz G. Ramozon 

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

The knowledge you acquire by reading this book is very useful and you can easily apply it to yourself. You must read it.



Everything you need to know about being and looking Healthy in one place.

By Chris H.

Format: Paperback Verified Purchase

What a fantastic book! I’ve spent years researching about health and how to get healthy, through many different websites, books, and author’s, and this book has it all in one convenient place.

After just one month, and only a few changes to what was then my current diet, I can barely keep my pants up on account of them being way to big. I had to throw out my belt because of it wrapping so far around my waist, not to mention I didn’t feel like punching anymore new holes through the leather.

The book is easy to read, and very informative, backed up by a great deal of references for further research. Not only has the information in this book greatly helped me, but those I’ve recommended it to are actually enthusiastic about eating healthier and changing their bad habits. How many “diets” can people say get them excited for their next meal?

This isn’t a diet though, it’s a new way of life, and a great one at that! Thank You Stephanie for this well put together piece of work!

My family and I all appreciate it.



from a size 22 to size 4 in 10 months!

By taitch realty inc

Format: Paperback

In 10 months time my daughter went from a size 22 to size 4.

Stephanie kept e-mailing me information what my daughter should eat and/avoid while she was writing the book.

My relationship with Stephanie started out way before the book came out. I had done the “Perfect health kinesiology and muscle testing” with dvd training from Stephanie which really made the plane pick up and see this wonderful miracle happen.



Why I think you should get this book.

By Dr. Jake

Format: Paperback

Out of the myriad choices for a “weight loss” book, this comprehensive view of our place within our environment and the effects from it, shows us many a missing key. Sadly the majority of people who go for fad weight loss do miss major components of the body’s regulatory processes when they try to reduce.

Of course everyone is different, and even your doctor may miss key points because they may not be mainstream, and as a chiropractor, I know that patient compliance is sometimes impossible to control. It comes down to each of us taking responsibility for our everyday environment, being aware that what we bathe ourselves in every day, both literally and figuratively will effect outcomes in our health interventions.

People need to wake up to possibilities around them, and I include myself when I say this, as waking up is a process, is gradual, and of wide scope. This book is a comprehensive resource to broaden almost anyone’s viewpoint on weightloss and health in general. Get the book and pass it on.




By Borce

Format: Paperback

I am Borce Bozinovski a classical homeopath from Macedonia.

Sometimes in my practice I am stuck with difficult cases. Therefore I have decided to find another modality which will be enough strong to unlock the stuck cases.

The solution is: The Synergistic Kinesiology DVD-s set from Master Stephanie Relfe.

Please try it! You will be surprised of the immediate effect. I beg Mrs Stephanie to continue with her valuable writing and to create the second part, the third part etc. of the powerful Synergistic Kinesiology!

Now few words for the book – You are not fat you are toxic.

It is the best holistic book that I have ever read. I possess maybe more that 500 holistic books but I must CLAIM:



It is everything explained with fantastic clarity and You will have answers for many many diseases.

Please make something the best for your life.

I can write here more and more but I do not want to be boring to you.My recommendation is:

Please take this book and threw out all another holistic books from your dusty shelves.

Only keep THIS BOOK on your shelf, or your desk.

Thanks God that show me the way to this gold mine – You are not fat You are toxic!

The best book of the century!!!!!!!!



You’re Not Fat You’re Toxic “Great Book”

By Lilon January 

Format: Paperback

This is definately the right book for the person that has tried every fad diet and product on the market and is fed up and ready to take control once and for all.

It is well researched and well written. It works if you are ready to committ, you are on your way to a healthier and happier lifestyle not to mention a fabulous new body.


New! Grab your Free copy of The Kinesiology Report. Direct download. No signup.



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